Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Language Mate

He's great! I mean, he's nice. He knows how to entertain.

First up, we speak the same language. There is somewhat a flow when we talk.

He's younger, not that much though. Just a year.

We chatted a few times and eye contact , fewer.

We first talked in person before an Ultimate game where he invited me. I was really shy, but then I wanted to know him, so I just went for it.

He arrived at the field and greeted me, I shook his hand.

He taught me the basics of Ultimate, and forced me to play right away.

He always calls my name during the game, I guess to sort of introduce me to the other players, and also not to make me feel isolated. I appreciate it.

He's not shy, so when he wants to talk to me, he approaches me right away. And that's good for me.

As far as I know him, he's concerned with what other people think of him. He's sensitive.

He's very friendly, I might say.

Well that's him for now. I look forward to more conversations with him.


  1. adik ka Aiz! im taking things easy pa.. hehe

  2. So what happened next??????! :-)

    1. Hi Mom Michelle! Oh we're great friends now! Hehe... and we're team mates on a frisbee tournament.. :)

      We hang out a lot too!