Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The One That Got Away

This isn't the song honey, but this line is very fitting. I was the one who let him go. I guess it was time for me to let him go either and so I did.

So you might have figured it out by now that the one I will be describing is someone I used to be with. For 3 years I might add.

He is my second, but definitely the real one. My first one was kind of like testing the waters, and seeing if I can make out a relationship. He met my parents, I met his. My brothers approve of him but my Mum sort of does not. I think my Mum wants someone better for me. Oh well.

He to me was everything I guess. I would say pronouns referring to the whole world when all I meant was him. My weekend was with him. My in between classes was with him, including lunch breaks. It was like a mini world.

Enough about that, since this post is about him. And who he is (present tense now).

Let's see.

The first thing that would come to my mind about him is that he doesn't watch TV with his head straight on. He turns his head a little to the left. Even when watching a movie in a cinema.

He has a baby pillow(since birth) that he couldn't sleep without. The pillow case he changes of course.

He likes singing to me, and playing the guitar. He has a soft voice.

He smokes, which I don't like about him.

He's a good basketball player. And a great badminton player.

He knows how to ride and do tricks with a skateboard, a bike, and a skim board. Yeah junkie, I know.

When he smiles, his cheeks show hollow lines like cat whiskers.

He likes to pick on his nails.

He still has a yaya. Lol!

A loyal friend, if he considers you as one. He would miss the world just to be with his friends.

He's honest, that he tells me right away if he did something that would make me mad. Often times I don't get mad at him, just glad that he told me right away up front. Sometimes he even has friends with him when he confesses because he's afraid that I might slap him or something.

Hmmm I could write endless things he did for me here, but I think the memory of him is a bit blurry to me now. But I'm glad that what I remember of him are good times. Good times. :)

Love lots,

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Disco Troops

These are the guys and girl I go party and play Ultimate with.
teammates, partymates..

Lemme describe each one:

J - perpetually angry, but gentle guy, whose always on the go.. He dances not so well, but what the hell! he compensates on attitude and confidence, which is way better than others. When we talk, or joke around, people would think we're fighting, but after that long exchange of curses and jokes, the sign of agreement: up here!

A - she's the Artist-A, but I never knew that we would be this close. We're alike in almost every aspect(I think). She's my "mommy", or if I say it my way, she treats me as a kid. She takes care of me. Lol! I introduced her to the group (which includes J,P and M).Ever since, we don't go out if someone couldn't come. She knows every detail of me, gets me, and comforts me when I'm rock bottom. She's the one I talk to about heart stuffs. Lol!

P- he's the Language Mate, hmmm, uhmmm we argue, agree, disagree, laugh, frown, dance, drink, okay so those are activities. lol! But as an update, he's nice to talk to. Very energetic, that even though we just got off from a very exhausting game, he still has energy to tell me stories about him, his family, and his friends, while others are already sleeping, and I'm forced to listen to him. Nah, just kidding! I like listening to him. He's very animated when he talks. I like his smile too. Oops! haha!

M- the quiet one, always late :p, a nomad if you know what I mean. He recently became my neighbor. Thanks goodness I have company going home at wee hours. He's secretive though, so I don't know much about him. Hope to know him better now that he's just few meters away. :)

W - the newbie. He's funny! A good dancer too. I don't know if he's included in the "no man left behind" rule, since it's only twice that he went out with us. He's P's college classmate. Hmm based on his stories, he's the typical slacker student, who's idea of fun is booze and bars. But some say he's good, I mean work-wise good. He wouldn't be an engineer if he isn't.  Hope to have more dancing nights with him. With them.

Boom! Party people we are. I haven't blogged about our parties, it's confidential. lol! But I love going out with these guys. They are so much fun to be with. It's laugh out loud all the way. Even on a work day. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Language Mate

He's great! I mean, he's nice. He knows how to entertain.

First up, we speak the same language. There is somewhat a flow when we talk.

He's younger, not that much though. Just a year.

We chatted a few times and eye contact , fewer.

We first talked in person before an Ultimate game where he invited me. I was really shy, but then I wanted to know him, so I just went for it.

He arrived at the field and greeted me, I shook his hand.

He taught me the basics of Ultimate, and forced me to play right away.

He always calls my name during the game, I guess to sort of introduce me to the other players, and also not to make me feel isolated. I appreciate it.

He's not shy, so when he wants to talk to me, he approaches me right away. And that's good for me.

As far as I know him, he's concerned with what other people think of him. He's sensitive.

He's very friendly, I might say.

Well that's him for now. I look forward to more conversations with him.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vitamin B - An excerpt from a diary

This is a story of an unsure familiar face who turned out to be a great friend. At least for me.
First day of work is always a fuzz, but not to me. This is not my first time to step into the halls of Bicol Room. I’ve been here for five months but I was younger. Going back here somehow reminded me of two years ago.

Twenty people seated in a U-shaped arrangement of tables. Two familiar faces, the rest a meet-and-greet acquaintance. At the corner of my eye, I saw yet again, an unsure familiar face. I think I saw him a month ago at an event for the intelligent and the lucky graduates. Right! It was indeed him! The one my friend was telling me about.

He had a friend with him. A lean, very masculine and neat guy. He, on the other hand, was normal, silent, but he had a smiling face I thought. I was very curious of his name.

Then the introductions. At last! A name that matched the face! But I can’t seem to remember which is which between him and his friend. So I called them ‘kambal’. Every time I talk about them, I address them as kambal. They come in pair.

I was outright loud, because I knew I wasn’t new. So it’s okay to be loud. Having to understand different dialects was an advantage when mingling with the nineteen new people I would have to be with every single day for the next few months. It was easy.

But getting to know the guy I was curious about was a little difficult. The other guys were teasing me about it. But with the advent of technology, I finally got to talk to him. Amazing how we talk using our fingers!

And so I found a new friend. He’s funny but sensible. He’s sensitive but curses at practically anything! Imagine, he doesn’t finish a statement without cursing. He’s the one I got all the cursing from.

He says he’s shy and quiet, but I think being with us, he started to enjoy and be carefree.

He seems picky when it comes to befriending someone, but I’m happy he’s not like that with me.

When I started texting him, I didn’t know what to expect. It thought he would shut me down, and think I was a creep or weirdo or something like that. But he didn’t. It was great getting to know him.

We talked about anything we could come up with. Movies, books, tv shows, the people we know, our opinions about things. Basically a conversation you would normally have with someone you know for a long time. But I think we only knew each other for just a month or so.

We shared some things in common. The love for software and programming, love for our grandmothers, being not so close with our parents, and some random values I didn’t know I would share with someone.

We were with someone back then, I was with my then boyfriend, he was with his special friend. We talked about that. Yes we talked about each other’s personal lives.

But my relationship crashed and ended. Surprisingly, he was there to comfort me, and talk me out of the rock bottom I had. I was very touched with the effort, although we barely know each other. He helped me get back on my feet and be happy for being single.

After that, he told me his story. Of the girl he wasn’t sure where her place was in his heart. He wouldn’t admit it. But I knew otherwise. It was very comforting to feel somebody finding it in their will to trust me with the stories they rarely share.

Since then, he became, and will always be, a friend I will treasure for as long as I can remember my own name.
But he decided to leave and take on a different path. I was hurt. I was losing a good friend, and I might not see him for a long time. He might forget me.

But eventually, I felt happy for him. He seemed happy with his decision, and so should I.

He’s sweet caring, funny, spoiled, hard-headed.. as in rock hard. He says he’s secretive but always shares his thoughts. He’s easily touched with simple gestures. He’s noisy; he’s even noisier than me! He can take being alone, well he spent his life with no siblings so it’s not new to him. He’s obnoxious but in a cute and funny way! There’s a lot more he doesn’t know about, that when I tell him the explanation, he speaks in awe… those are the things I would remember of him.

I learned a lot from him. He’s like a brother to me now.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The English Jacket

I met him. We talked, laughed, kept quiet, talked again, laughed again. It was weird since I have only known him for 30 minutes. I don't know why he kept laughing. I'm not that funny!

He's wearing his jacket. His trademark jacket.

We shared the ride home. The first time I laughed all through out the ride, ever since.

He likes to talk, too! Asking questions about anything he could come up with.

Geography-- I could not picture out where in the Phil is he from. I had to find a map!

Personal-- Nada! all non sense, no offense!

Work-- a little, since he's new at work, he asked the all time question. "is it difficult?". I replied instantly with a yes! After all, if it's easy, it's not ECE right?

Starbucks-- another friend was waiting for me there, The Trainer. So I asked English Jacket if he wants to come with me to Starbucks, and his friends too. Then he laughed, they laughed! I could not understand why it was so funny! hmpf! Then he told me the truth, that they had no money with them. He said it's usual for them not be bring money to work. Well he is new! Lunch out is not a familiar word, no doubt! Unfortunately, The Trainer had to go home, nature's calling he said. So English Jacket and his friends got lucky.

Last part-- off the bus. He 'unintentionally' forced me to get off the bus!

The End.

He managed to get a hold of my number, and apologized. Okay, accepted. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Artist-A
Because she loves colors doesn't mean she's maarte. She just goes out of the ordinary.

I have known her for just a few months, but boy did our heads meet!

Since this blog is about her, thru me, I will try to reveal what she doesn't see.

She's definitely not a jeans and shirt type. She's an eye candy because of the way she chooses her clothes. She's not afraid to be outrageously different. She knows what she wants.

She doesn't like to be alone. But one person for company would do.

So when with company, she adapts. Usually with names, nick names. What I call him, she calls him that too!

I find it hard to explain, but she attracts help. Like a damsel in distress, but even not in distress, still there's always a hand for her, available and ready to assist. She doesn't need to ask.

A help magnet, but she's contented with what you can give. She doesn't ask for more.

For now this is how I see her. I'm certain that this road where I turned and bumped into her, is a long and colorful one.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Trainer

On a training today he is the trainer. A trainer who likes to take breaks after an hour of fast paced discussion. Fast paced I say, because he talks fast. Probably because people from where he came from also speak fast. And also because he knows exactly what he's talking about.

Funny thing about him: he is particular with age. He always jokes about when he graduated from college. He says he graduated only last year. But just recently, I learned that he is 3 years older. Man! I fell for that! Harhar!

At a young age, I might say that he has a lot of experience in his field of work. And also well versed. Knowing that he's a fast talker, he doesn't stutter or fumble with his words.

A very technical person, but not the nerdy one.

Nose bleed plus humor equals no snooze.

Get to know him for an hour and he'll make you feel that you have been friends for years. That's because he talks a lot, he's very friendly, and very not shy.

He often smiles, with whiskers on his cheeks.

He is discussing circuits when I made this blog. And I did not understand a thing!