Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The One That Got Away

This isn't the song honey, but this line is very fitting. I was the one who let him go. I guess it was time for me to let him go either and so I did.

So you might have figured it out by now that the one I will be describing is someone I used to be with. For 3 years I might add.

He is my second, but definitely the real one. My first one was kind of like testing the waters, and seeing if I can make out a relationship. He met my parents, I met his. My brothers approve of him but my Mum sort of does not. I think my Mum wants someone better for me. Oh well.

He to me was everything I guess. I would say pronouns referring to the whole world when all I meant was him. My weekend was with him. My in between classes was with him, including lunch breaks. It was like a mini world.

Enough about that, since this post is about him. And who he is (present tense now).

Let's see.

The first thing that would come to my mind about him is that he doesn't watch TV with his head straight on. He turns his head a little to the left. Even when watching a movie in a cinema.

He has a baby pillow(since birth) that he couldn't sleep without. The pillow case he changes of course.

He likes singing to me, and playing the guitar. He has a soft voice.

He smokes, which I don't like about him.

He's a good basketball player. And a great badminton player.

He knows how to ride and do tricks with a skateboard, a bike, and a skim board. Yeah junkie, I know.

When he smiles, his cheeks show hollow lines like cat whiskers.

He likes to pick on his nails.

He still has a yaya. Lol!

A loyal friend, if he considers you as one. He would miss the world just to be with his friends.

He's honest, that he tells me right away if he did something that would make me mad. Often times I don't get mad at him, just glad that he told me right away up front. Sometimes he even has friends with him when he confesses because he's afraid that I might slap him or something.

Hmmm I could write endless things he did for me here, but I think the memory of him is a bit blurry to me now. But I'm glad that what I remember of him are good times. Good times. :)

Love lots,


  1. Replies
    1. Hi April! Haha! Oh he's hopefully happy with someone, but he's probably off the coast of somewhere.. sea man..

  2. Si chokoleit drink gd ni yah... Kim chui ang peg teh... Bitter ocampo??? Damo ka mn boylets dapat... The more more that got away...

    1. Gani! one of the many that got away... di ko bitter ya.. hahah!

  3. Hahaha. Adik si Jeff. The more more that got away. Hehe. The one that got away should get away to make room for The One. Charot toots.