Friday, August 3, 2012

The Disco Troops

These are the guys and girl I go party and play Ultimate with.
teammates, partymates..

Lemme describe each one:

J - perpetually angry, but gentle guy, whose always on the go.. He dances not so well, but what the hell! he compensates on attitude and confidence, which is way better than others. When we talk, or joke around, people would think we're fighting, but after that long exchange of curses and jokes, the sign of agreement: up here!

A - she's the Artist-A, but I never knew that we would be this close. We're alike in almost every aspect(I think). She's my "mommy", or if I say it my way, she treats me as a kid. She takes care of me. Lol! I introduced her to the group (which includes J,P and M).Ever since, we don't go out if someone couldn't come. She knows every detail of me, gets me, and comforts me when I'm rock bottom. She's the one I talk to about heart stuffs. Lol!

P- he's the Language Mate, hmmm, uhmmm we argue, agree, disagree, laugh, frown, dance, drink, okay so those are activities. lol! But as an update, he's nice to talk to. Very energetic, that even though we just got off from a very exhausting game, he still has energy to tell me stories about him, his family, and his friends, while others are already sleeping, and I'm forced to listen to him. Nah, just kidding! I like listening to him. He's very animated when he talks. I like his smile too. Oops! haha!

M- the quiet one, always late :p, a nomad if you know what I mean. He recently became my neighbor. Thanks goodness I have company going home at wee hours. He's secretive though, so I don't know much about him. Hope to know him better now that he's just few meters away. :)

W - the newbie. He's funny! A good dancer too. I don't know if he's included in the "no man left behind" rule, since it's only twice that he went out with us. He's P's college classmate. Hmm based on his stories, he's the typical slacker student, who's idea of fun is booze and bars. But some say he's good, I mean work-wise good. He wouldn't be an engineer if he isn't.  Hope to have more dancing nights with him. With them.

Boom! Party people we are. I haven't blogged about our parties, it's confidential. lol! But I love going out with these guys. They are so much fun to be with. It's laugh out loud all the way. Even on a work day.