Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Artist-A
Because she loves colors doesn't mean she's maarte. She just goes out of the ordinary.

I have known her for just a few months, but boy did our heads meet!

Since this blog is about her, thru me, I will try to reveal what she doesn't see.

She's definitely not a jeans and shirt type. She's an eye candy because of the way she chooses her clothes. She's not afraid to be outrageously different. She knows what she wants.

She doesn't like to be alone. But one person for company would do.

So when with company, she adapts. Usually with names, nick names. What I call him, she calls him that too!

I find it hard to explain, but she attracts help. Like a damsel in distress, but even not in distress, still there's always a hand for her, available and ready to assist. She doesn't need to ask.

A help magnet, but she's contented with what you can give. She doesn't ask for more.

For now this is how I see her. I'm certain that this road where I turned and bumped into her, is a long and colorful one.

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  1. Like like! :) tHANKS, jEM. Hehe. gusto ko ang damsel in distress na part. Haha. Looking forward to the road trip with yoo, man. :)