Friday, June 17, 2011

The English Jacket

I met him. We talked, laughed, kept quiet, talked again, laughed again. It was weird since I have only known him for 30 minutes. I don't know why he kept laughing. I'm not that funny!

He's wearing his jacket. His trademark jacket.

We shared the ride home. The first time I laughed all through out the ride, ever since.

He likes to talk, too! Asking questions about anything he could come up with.

Geography-- I could not picture out where in the Phil is he from. I had to find a map!

Personal-- Nada! all non sense, no offense!

Work-- a little, since he's new at work, he asked the all time question. "is it difficult?". I replied instantly with a yes! After all, if it's easy, it's not ECE right?

Starbucks-- another friend was waiting for me there, The Trainer. So I asked English Jacket if he wants to come with me to Starbucks, and his friends too. Then he laughed, they laughed! I could not understand why it was so funny! hmpf! Then he told me the truth, that they had no money with them. He said it's usual for them not be bring money to work. Well he is new! Lunch out is not a familiar word, no doubt! Unfortunately, The Trainer had to go home, nature's calling he said. So English Jacket and his friends got lucky.

Last part-- off the bus. He 'unintentionally' forced me to get off the bus!

The End.

He managed to get a hold of my number, and apologized. Okay, accepted. :)


  1. Uy! Hahaha. :D Happy happy ka gid! Dapat may The English Jacket Part 2! :) Kag tanan mu na encouters sa iya i blog mu ha? Yaydeee! :)

  2. Hahahaha! Yes sure I will! Nabasa niya na ni, nagkadlaw lang siya, familiar story kuno.. adik gd.. hahaha!